VLB feat. Allan Dawson (showcase)

In April 2010 Allan Dawson sang and played guitar live in concert for the acclaimed Virtual Live Band. He was originally asked to appear as a guest "improv" guitarist but at the 11th hour it was announced that the band's regular singer Foxy couldn't make it because of a family emergency and Allan was asked if he would also be prepared to sing at the event. With no knowledge of the material, no idea how the songs should be performed and no time to prepare, he agreed. This live recording captures the spontaneous performances that resulted that night and provides a wonderful showcase to what can be achieved on a live stage when musicians are thrown in at the deep end! Allan can be heard playing the "buzzier" sounding lead guitar and singing the lead vocal, with regular VLB members Tom Haller on guitar, Trev "Mambo" Tweedy on bass and Sabian on drums.